Hairdresser: do you like it?
Me: yes thank you

*goes home and cries*

Oh my god. I think I’m gonna fall asleep with a smile on my face x I’ve done so much today. Just a proud day.


ANON: please please pretty please come back… We have things to discuss whomever you are

life update

let me break it down:

I’ve been working out and working to improve my eating habits. I’ve lost two pounds and I’ve shaved three minutes off my initial mile time. I’ve ran 3 miles once and I want to do it again. I’m so proud of how I’m taking care of myself.

I’m trying like crazy to save money for a new car. I’m dying for my tips and paycheck this week. I’m selling stuff to make money and my parents for ONCE are gonna help me with this. I am so enthusiastic that I’ll be driving a new car before the year is over with. Maybe even before the month ends because I save pretty fast when I want something

School seems to be going alright. I hate one of my classes. I’m gonna have to put the work into though since it’s my second time taking it.

I’ve been struggling to find a balance between my sadness and I think I’m starting to get it together. I miss my friend but giving people space is what works best. I hope it isn’t permanent. :x

I got a mohawk and I want to get a new tattoo. I think I’m gonna go in to get one soon. I kinda need a different kinda pain. Like a relief.

Overall, I’m better. I’m just taking everything one step at a time.